Block heating power

contracting as a clever alternative without an own investment

Through the climate change and the introduced energy transition, intelligent and efficient solutions in commercial and private industries will always be present. Already apparent, the energy will be greener and the end users handle the economically available resources. Therefore, not only will the climate be conserved, but the wallet will be, too. A clever alternative to the accepted ideas is the block heating power. This power producing heating assures by its efficiency and variability. As a fitting solution for the indecisive or users without their own capital, contracting applies. With block heating power contracting, all advantages of the technology can be used without acquiring the block heating power and taking the business management risks.

The technology of the future?

Through the energy change, the market for block heating power has grown rapidly within the last year (For example: The GETEC heat & power AG). The block heating power can be virtually practiced in all magnitudes and supports the use of different fuels. In normal cases, the thermal energy will be transformed over a steam turbine in electrical power and afterwards transported over district heating pipes. Block heating power asses on location: the power and heat generation takes place exactly where the energy is needed. Thus, transport over long distances is eliminated.

Essentially, block heating power is composed of only a few elements:
  1. Motor
  2. Synchrongenerator
  3. Heat exchangers

An advantage of the block heating power is that the smaller power station with different fuels can be conducted. Users can freely choose oil, wood, pellets, diesel, or gas. The functionality is really simple. The Synchrongenerator will be powered by the internal combustion engine and generate a three phase power exchange with a voltage that is normally self-used. The resulting power will either be used by the consumer or inducted in the network. The block heating power not only generates power.

The delivered heat of the motor will be transferred over a plate heat exchanger on the affiliated heating system. This system will be described all together as power heating coupling and applied as expressing efficiency. A further perk of the block heating power is the cost effectiveness. Thanks to a high number of annual operation hours and exact adaptation in the winter/summer operation, the small power station is well prepared for many situations. Moreover, the consumer profits from a public advancement.

Block heating power is not worthwhile for a single family house. Most models cover apartment buildings, housing developments, or industrial businesses. Hotels, health establishments, hospitals, or small commercial buildings also decide more frequently for block heating power in combination with contracting.

Contracting: effective instrument for industry and private consumers

Contracting represents an effective solution for industry and private consumers that is available for low equity or will avoid economic operation risks. Especially for the area of heat-contracting, Germany has been developing since the 1990’s and is used by an increasing amount of industrial businesses and homeowners. With contracting, an energy service provider takes on the planning, the building, and workshop of a technical construction. The end customer solely pays the price on the service provider for the heating supply which shall consist of fixed costs and a usage-bound percentage. Thereby profiting the user of the technical production from the saved equity and the experience of the business. Economical risks in the firm, like care, service, or modernization, is taken by the contractual partner.

  1. No investment costs
  2. Contractor takes the business economical risks
  3. Regular care and modernization
  4. Fixed price for the customer and savings in the usage
  5. Important contribution to the environment and climate
  6. Business concentrates on the core business
  7. Better cost planning through external deduction

Rent block heating power instead of buying

Whoever plays with the idea of installing a block heating power should consider contracting as a possible alternative. The contractor is provider of the construction, the contracting recipient of users. The service provider takes on the planning, financing, building, care, and service. Depending on which details are agreed upon in the contract, the service provider company takes care of the allocation of the fuel. So you receive everything from one source. The contracting recipient is solely responsible for supply connections. The contracting partner agrees with the customer on a fixed price for the supply of energy and heating, which oftentimes is under the usual price. These variables will be described as full contracting. However, further forms exist which the customers can customize.

Contracting models in an overview:
  1. Full contracting und energy supply contracting
  2. Financial contracting
  3. Technical construction management
  4. Energy saving contracting
  5. Combination of the numerous models

The energy saving contracting puts the factor of energy saving in the foreground. The contractor sells an energy saving concept, with connecting savings-guarantee for the required end energy. With technical construction management, the contractor takes over the company management and installs new or optimized existing systems. The advantage over other variables, is the clear, low ground price. Financial contracting in Germany, however, is not widespread. With this model, the service provider includes planning, financing, and building. The system operation will be left to the contracting recipient. Many of these variables are combinable with one another and can be adapted to individual challenges. The contracting can be used with many trades and is also ecological and economical useful.